Packages & Investment

Bronze $650 - 1000

For those seeking a trusted right hand for just a few hours on their big day to assist with all the little details.

Typically this package is available for smaller (under 80 person weddings) with a single location (think hip and cosy little restaurant with your 20 closest friends).

It’s really the awesome alternative to a City Hall Wedding.

6-8 hours of coverage and one planning meeting.

Silver $1850

Our “Day Of” or what some planners refer to as “Month Of” planning package - it covers you nicely on the day, but goes a little farther than most other Day of packages.

Introductory Meeting (either phone or in person- usually 1-2 hours

Schedule Preparation Meeting (either phone or in person - usually 1-2 hours)

Schedule Preparation, Distribution & Confirmation with all vendors

Wedding Rehearsal Attendance if desired

8 Hours of coverage on the wedding day (includes vendor management and all set up display work such as place cards, receiving tables, installation of personal decor items when time permits, transfer of smaller floral or decor items from ceremony to reception, if you think it needs done by someone other than you, just ask and if we can do it - we will!)

Concierge email/Phone Support from Time of booking

Additional charges for a second assistant or additional hours is available for larger weddings (200+) or weddings needing more than 8 hours on the day may apply.

Gold $2900 - 3400

(the best value package for those who have the date and venue but need help with the rest of the plan - it includes everything listed above but here are the extra inclusions)

Follow up Wedding Preparation Plan after Introductory Meeting

Assistance and advice for the selection of vendors, tailored specifically for each couple based on their style and budget

Advice and assistance with decor vision (remember, I am an ex-wedding florist)
and up to 3 florist or decor related meetings for the purpose of gathering quotes and seeing options. This includes linen and rental vendors if desired.

Site Inspection at the venue and assistance with design of an appropriate floor plan

Assistance with Menu Tasting and Full Table Decor Mock Up if desired

Mid-term Planning meeting to assess status and challenges (often combined with the tasting/decor mock up)

Schedule Preparation Meeting, then distribution and confirmation with all vendors

Attendance at Rehearsal and suggestions and advice for Rehearsal dinner party preparations.

Up to 10 hours coverage on the wedding day with an assistant. (longer hours or additional assistant if required for larger or longer weddings would be subject to a small surcharge)

Concierge email/phone support from time of Booking

Platinum $4000 - 6000

This is the package for those, newly engaged without a clue on where to start.
Take heart… it is the very best time to hire a wedding planner.

Although this is the most expensive of the packages on offer, it most often saves my clients the greatest amount of money in the long run.

Here’s how it works..

We meet and talk about the dream…. What you would want if money and other things were no object at all.. Then, I price the wedding out for you so you know what you are potentially looking at. If it’s financially in line with what you had thought - great - and if not, I will walk you through a realistic modification of your dream that is mindful of your budget.

If you like what you hear - you hire me.. I take a retainer of $1000 and short list a few of my top venue choices for you. I generally accompany you to those tours and I have quotes generated that are transparent and will give you are very clear picture of the true cost of each location under consideration. Together, we will discuss your favorites and available dates and hopefully, you will have a venue and date within a very short time frame. (on average 2-3 weeks)

As I am the one bringing you to the venue, I am often in a great position to request preferred pricing or extras at this early stage. I have had many a client save their entire fee to me with this single transaction. Even when this is not the case, it will save you a lot of time and allow you to proceed with a great degree of confidence in the location you have selected.

From there - the inclusions are about the same as in the Gold, however an additional 6 in person hours are available to you for extra meetings should you find you need extra assistance with anything along the way.

A La Carte $400

“The Plan” - Recently Engaged, not yet ready to hire a wedding planner, no idea where to begin…???

A 2 hour comprehensive meeting followed by a customized outline to design your dream wedding. It will include specific budget considerations tailored to you, a list of suitable vendors from my personal little black book and a general planning timeline to follow for the planning and the wedding day itself. It includes unlimited email concierge service for any questions that arise for one month following the meeting.

Destination - Pricing on request

Do you need someone to put the plan into motion and advise on the honest considerations of your mad idea to marry away…? Feel free to book an “A La Carte Session for $400” - it will give you the 411 on all your Destination planning needs.

Our Package prices locally are quite similar to pricing to plan for your wedding abroad. We can plan for you remotely - doing all the local groundwork or we can accompany you to be your team on the ground at location.
Choice is yours and options are unlimited.

Engagement Planning - Quotes on request

So… you have found yourself with a ring burning a hole in your pocket and haven’t figured out the best way to ask that special someone…

Fear not - help is on the way. I have covertly helped many plan for a special engagement moment. Let’s build your dream together.. I will help…. They will say yes and you can take all the credit.

Pricing for consulting starting at $400 .

Planning from Overseas - $650 - 5000

Living abroad and planning a Canadian wedding? You are far from alone…

Each and every year I help many Ex Patriots plan their nuptials. I am their home team and thanks to the internet, phone and skype - it’s now easier than ever to be there and plan here.

Wedding Un-Planning - rates vary

It’s the thing that no one in the wedding industry ever likes to say aloud - yet sometimes, you start to plan and life throws you a curve ball or you realize that you are just not ready.

So, how on earth do you stop the train once it’s left the station? I will tell you that you are very brave... it takes a lot of courage to know when the person that you love, the one that you may have promised to love forever is just not the one. It’s hard.. Really, really hard… so what do you do and how do you gracefully unravel your plans?

Well - you sit down and when you are ready - send me an email and tell me your story.

All pricing subject to HST, Small retainer is taken at time of booking to secure date and service package. Balance due prior to wedding date.